Alberto Manzone

Alberto supports Rem Tec to develop the far eastern markets, especially China, where he has been based with his family since 2006.

Nowadays China is not only an exceptionally fast-growing market for renewable energy applications, but is also a fertile environment to experiment and share new ideas and technology solutions. And it is one of the world’s largest agricultural bases as well: simply perfect to become a model of sustainable AgroVoltaico® implementation!

Before joining REM TEC, Alberto was the general manager in China for several multinational companies engaged in environmental protection and renewable energy.
Holding a M.Sc. in Energy Management Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Alberto has more than fifteen-years working experience in many different fields of new and renewable energy, including photovoltaic, hydro power, wind power, co/tri-generation, biogas, waste treatment and energy exploitation of agricultural/forestry biomasses.